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IROS OIL SERVIESE Company was established in 2016, provides onshore Drilling Fluids Services, waste Management and Supply Services. Our company specializes in the field of civil works related to oil and energy (Foundations of oil tanks, well pad, pipe lines, Earthworks, electricity projects … etc.). Our company also has all the mechanisms that work in the field of logistical support (installing heavy equipment, transporting drilling towers, equipping equipment and machinery. Specialization … etc.), Our company also has two factories for the manufacture of chemical materials used in drilling mud, cement and workover The company has been recognized as one of the knowledge-based companies by the government by the government due to the practical research activities in drilling industries to overcome drilling problems during the past 5 years. Our company has been certified based on ISO/LEC 45001:2018 By Iraqi standard Organization By the third party inspection for monitoring and controlling the quality of drilling fluids materials of local manufactures and import/export materials from customs. Currently, we are providing services for 10 rigs in onshore projects. Our clients are both local and international oil & gas companies such as Ministry of oil in Iraq (BOC, DOC, MOC, NOC), and oil licensing tours companies and oil services companies (CNOOC. PETRO CHINA, BOHAI, COSL, ANTNOIL, ZEPC OIL) in Basra, Maysan, Dhi-Qar and Semawa Oil field. Drilling fluids material Supply based on API, ASTM & other International Standards.

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